How to be Happy

Most of my posts have an underlying message of fate or lessons that comes with hardships.

No one has to tell me that I am person that will see life as a glass half full and that it becomes overly annoying at times. Trust me I annoy myself with it too because those times when I want to be disappointed or a true a**hole, I repeat those same notions to myself that I post.  I without a doubt live my life with a half full glass most days.

So that leads me to the overly optimistic post of the year “How to be happy?”

I will be honest there is no secret cure, and there is no right answer to being happy. With that said there are certain ideals and habits that anyone can implement to force yourself to be happier…

I did use the word force. Naturally no one will be happy all the time, it is impossible. Life simply sucks some days. Everything goes wrong and you are left to put together the pieces of your life. That is just how life goes, but there are ways to drag yourself from these low points and to truly be happy with the cards that you are dealt in life.

Without further or do Ways to force yourself to be happy:

  1. Perform acts of kindness without expecting anything in return. When you do not expect a reward for your actions you will continuously get small surprises when people return the favor and kindness back to you. It will always make your day a little brighter.
  2. Pretend to be happy. On the worst days. Put on a smile and do not allow all the negatives in the world to steal your light.  It is true if you fake something long enough you end up becoming it. Fake happiness until you genuinely feel happy!
  3. Randomly compliment people. Personally nothing makes me happier than seeing someones smile (or shy smile) when you genuinely compliment them. It seriously has a way of turning around someone’s day. Plus just remember how great it feels when you are on the other side of the compliment. Joy and happiness are contagious. Spread it as much as possible
  4. Realize that everyone has a bad day. This works like number 3, negativity is just as contagious as positivity. Just remember that before acting on your feelings or yelling. When someone is mean to you, take it with a “grain of salt”, not everyones handles bad days well.
  5. Most people are naturally good. Have you ever been annoyed by a customer service person asking too many questions. Within my field, I am guilty of getting beyond frustrated when there is something is already written or I have explained a question. In so many words, I am asked a question that could have been avoided if “SOMEONE” would just read (I will be honest READING IS FUNDAMENTAL…AKA RIF). This is my number 1 pet peeve, and the one thing I become fired up over, but at the end of the day the person on the other end of my request at work are not trained in the manner I am. They do not to see each case individually and are not trained gather an understanding of each case, they are simply trained by a check list. They go by if I see this certain key word I need to ask this question or insure that there is this, they are more systematic than comprehensive and anylatic with each case. I see the person behind the case, they see the task of treating each case like it is a simple yes or no process and not as much the people and circumstances behind the needs of the case. Is it frustrating as hell? YES! But at the end of the day these people are only doing their job as I am doing my job. They are naturally good people and want the same outcome  that I do. To understand the needs of the case and to service the job. Remembering that people are naturally good will help you avoid frustration and being unnecessarily mad at people doing their job. (Trust me I remind myself of this DAILY)
  6. No two people are the same. This one is self-explanatory but at the same time we forget this one more than any other point. We are all not meant to be skinny, confident, become rich, be the most gorgeous/ handsome person in the room, the most intelligent, have no stretch marks, are tall-dark-and handsome, and the list is endless. Simply we cannot compare ourself to the person next to us. What you might see as perfect, someone else sees as flawed. We all have insecurities so lets not compare ourselves to others people’s photoshopped version of themself.
  7. This ties into number six. Simple be better than you were yesterday and not better than the person next to you. Competition is natural but not always healthy. I am a natural competitor and feel the need to compete myself. The biggest accomplishment was realizing that I need to be competing against the girl I was yesterday and the woman I will become tomorrow. I compete against that woman who is the ideal version of myself. It keeps me striving to realistic goals and constantly focusing on myself rather than others around me.
  8. Let go of negative people. unfollow them on social media, stop feeding into negative situations, and simple discard people who are constantly taking away your happiness. It goes back to the two notions what you surround yourself with is what you will ultimately become in life.
  9. Realize life is not perfect and no one owes anyone anything. I will repeat no one has a perfect life and no one will ever owe you anything. It is seriously that simple.
  10. If you remember anything from this post this would be the one and only take away. To be happy, you must create your own happiness. Happiness is individualistic. It is different for everyone. So often we depend on other people to determine our happiness. We search for joy in other people and circumstances. The truth is happiness is a personal journey that you must seek yourself before you can really understand happiness as a whole.

So this post might be a repeat of every other list that you have read, but sometimes we need a daily reminder to be happy and find joy in the little things.

Happiness is created. It is more than a feeling. It is way more than an emotion. Happiness, joy, and positivity are the moments that we laugh until you cry, dancing to that upbeat song, singing in the shower, butterflies in your stomach, talking to your crush, that random compliment, feeling appreciated, crushing your goals, losing that last five pounds, ending your work week, a thank you, a smile, a great gesture, becoming your own hero, and so many more small moments. We create or help create these moments each day by the energy and efforts that we place into the world. You make a difference.

Create your own JOY

-Bella Kat

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