Being Human: Introduction

It is believed that Homo-Sapiens are one of few species that are born with the common knowledge that our life will one day come to end. We all seem to know that we are going to die and learn at a young age the meaning of death. We simply understand that  most natural things come to an end. As morbid as the topic may seem, when you sit and think about it, we all know how our life will end (in a sense), but somehow most of us live life regardless of our fate.

Most of us by the age of eight understand and comprehend the concept that one day without knowing we will no longer exist, but there is still a disconnect on the why we choose to spend the finite amount of time that we do have on this earth in the way that we have chosen. I could ceaselessly write on the subject, therefore I decided to break down the subject into multiple parts of an entire series called “Being Human”. The series will focus on the notion that we as a species understand our ultimate destiny but will dive into the subject on what motivates us to live our “only and final” days in the fashion that we as see fit.

What forces drive us to connect to other humans, repopulate, be morally good or evil, how we decided to use an imaginary monetary system to determine wealth, create social classes, work eight hours at a place we hate, fall in love, to have self-confidence, to lack that same confidence, become successful, to become drug addicts, to barley exist, to become famous, and in some cases to ultimately commit suicide and create our own ending.  Within this next year every Friday I will try to release a small portion of this series that examines one of many driving forces in being human. To explore not only the people around me, but also to examine why I chose the path I am on. You cannot begin to understand the world around you without understanding what motivates people and yourself to live in a certain means when altogether our ultimate end is demise.

How do we spend a life that we know has an end?

Why do we make the choice between good and bad? Evil and righteous?

Simply what is being human?

-Bella Kat

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