The “Mean Girl” Stage

For my generation, most individuals have seen the movie “Mean Girls”, for those who have not seen it. The movie follows are girl name Kady that moved from Africa to the US and her life as a normal high school student. It defines the old high school hierarchy where there are the different sub cultures within the school population. The popular girls are known as the “plastics” and they rule the school.

If you have not watched the movies, then most of this post will make little sense, but will still ring true without the references. As I have moved through life and now can consider myself a young adult, I have realized that we all go through our “mean girl” stage or our “plastics stage”. It is the time when you are on top or you are dominant within your environment.

Unfortunately, so many times by nature we are drawn to power and influence. When we ourselves hold this power and influence, it tends to change our personality in the slightest or in some cases drastic ways. People are natural mean girls and others, like myself, can easily be sucked into the persona due to power and influence that we can now exert over others.

Although I did not have my mean girl phase in high school, I did become lucky enough to learn the necessary lessons in college before I started my professional career. In college for a few years I became Kady, a seemingly no one who gained a lot of influence over my peers. As I have slowly transitioned into adulthood it has become more evident that just about everyone goes through this phase at some point or another. It enforces the notion that as humans we are naturally drawn to having power over people and that same power has the potential to change you as a person.

Having a power made me manipulative, a back stabber, exercising my control in ways that were not needed, and so much more.

After watching a seemingly nice girl gain a little bit of power and influence within my work environment is what caused me to step back and evaluate the notion of power and influence and the effects on the human psyche. How an individual can turn into an unrecognizable character. They become the person that they loathe in high school (or in some cases become the person they wanted to be in high school).

As I examine my surroundings and continue to grow and become the woman I want to be in life, I have realized that power and influence are important within our society and as I gain more influence and power within my career being cognizant of who I truly am and the person that I want to become needs to be a priority over the selfish tendencies to exert the power that is held. Sometimes we must look at others and realize the flaws contained to help shape who we truly want to become. If you are someone searching for world domination than by all means disregard my message. Overall remember power and influence are such powerful tools. When you have them, use them wisely.

Do not become Kady and realize your errors after you have destroyed someone else. Be the person you wished those “Plastics” in school were to you. Be the person that you would be proud to be led by.


-Bella Kat

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