To Bell A Cat

There is an old idiom which is “to bell a cat”. As many random idioms go there was a story that came about it the middle ages that went along the lines that there was a group of mice that gathered together to propose a way to diminish victims of the cat that threatened their wellbeing. Than one mouse had the idea of placing a bell around the neck of the cat to warn them when the cat was approaching and to give them a forewarning. All the mice thought this was brilliant idea and would solve their problems. Than a single bright mouse raised the question who was going to place this bell on the cat. Each mouse had an excuse or reason for it not be the selected individual to place the bell.

This story is uses to teach the wisdom of evaluating a plan for both the desired outcome but also to be mindful of the execution of the plan. It provides the understanding that there is a fundamental difference between ideas and the feasibility of this plan and how this affects the overall value of such a plan.

This has raised the idiom “to bell a cat” which means to attempt, or agree to embark on an impossibly difficult task or simply to do the impossible. While searching for a perfect pen name to write my chronicles, there were many options that were catchy and flowed well, but I found little to no meaning. After not defining a pen name for about two months, after some research I came across the story of a warrior was known as the person to bell a cat.

This led me to realize my goals and purpose in life is surrounded around taking on challenges that are seemingly impossible or seem out of reach. This was the start of my pen name Bella Kat. It simply took an idiom that is a corner-stone of a great thought process that I hold near and dear to a pen name that is not only catchy and can have so many meanings to other people but also means a lot to me personally.

In life there will always be challenges, but standing up and taking every challenge head on is what will take you from comfort zones to where you need to be. It is the catalyst for change. So go out there and “bell a cat” whatever that cat may be.

Lots of luck

-Bella Kat

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