Chasing the Butterflies… (Part 1.5)

“Chase the butterflies, because that is when you feel truly alive”

Earlier this year I coined this term after a long discussion with my best friend about my love life. It came at a point when, this great friend of mine pointed out that I have changed my dating habits.  As stated within a previous piece, I meet my squishy (and finally realized that meaning behind it) and life has been slightly different after.

The biggest change that my friend noticed was that previously I was on top of the “dating game”. I was continuously floating from one guy to the next and just having fun.  I was not looking to settle down, it was just living life blindly.

Oddly enough you never realize that you are living in the dark until someone turns on the lights. After I met my ultimate doom (that squishy), the light and reality flooded into my life.  I now know the feeling that I want and need in life. It is the feeling that ultimately changed me.

As before meeting the squishy, I am casually dating, but not with the same outlook. I am not blind to what I am looking for anymore. It is not a standard checklist or strict criteria that must be meant. It is feeling a sense of familiarity when you first meet someone, that feeling that in the moment when you are with that person that nothing else matters, someone who gives me butterflies when they grab my hand unsuspectingly, when things just feel right.

Although I know I need to explore my feelings more than I have had the chance to within the past few months, I now understand why my emotions we derailed momentarily. As of right now, I am going to focus my energy on building my empire and my road to success. In the meantime I am going to continue searching for the butterflies, when I happen upon them again I will chase the butterflies until I finally catch the butterfly that will continue to disturb my piece till the end of time.

As always I will end with a small piece of advice. Anything that makes you question your life and the decisions that you make is meant to change your life—-just embrace it. Anything that turns your life upside down and gives you those unwanted butterflies—chase it.  Those butterflies are a signal that you are onto something that will truly awaken you. It’s your soul giving your body a sign that you are onto something great before your mind has a chance to question it.

I am going back to looking for and chasing butterflies for the time being….

Lots of Love,

Bella Kat

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