Love by a Checklist.

Just about everyday that I surf through my social media sites, time after time I stumble across articles that reads something along the lines stay single until you find….

There are endless articles that I leaf through like any other young single twenty something.  More often than not, I find myself either agreeing with most of the things or laughing at the absurdity and stances that are presented within the piece.  Reading these articles cause me wonder if the person writing the article is in a honey moon phase of a relationship, was recently burnt on a relationship, or happily in a long term relationship.  Most of these pieces with the exception of a few comes with set ideas on how love should feel, what someone should be getting out of the relationship, and the idea of happily ever after.  They make love so definite. It makes something so complex seem simple. Like there is a magical checklist that a person must have to fall for the person. Certain qualities they must exhibit.

Although these articles mobilize the single and help create hope for romance and love, we need to remember that finding a partner for life is a truly individualistic quest. There is not a right person that meets a certain set of criteria. It might not be butterflies and rainbows the first time you laid eyes on your “true love”.  Love cannot be defined in any article or summarized to a checklist.   The important aspect of love is knowing that you made the right decision for you, and that you are as happy as you can be within that relationship.  There is no set standard of how it should be.

So lets stop sharing in masses these articles about the way life and love should be and create our own definition of the perfect relationship for yourself. The less you focus on someone that fits a checklist, and allow your life take its own direction, the more likely you are to find someone truly amazing that fits well with you.

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