Let’s talk Politics

Most people who read my posts, and small stories assume that I am a hard core feminist, black-lives matter, Muslim loving democrat.  I am not going to say all of this is false. What I would like to point out is that I am a social activist that believe in equal rights for all, but here is a spoiler: I am not a democrat.

I am called out all the time about being a lib/dem. Honestly I am not offended, and will not correct you on the subject because it shows a high level of ignorance when I’m fighting for human rights and asking the government to stop infringing on our rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

To spell it out and for the record. I am a libertarian. (with a strong emphasizes on constitutionalism)

Libertarian: noun keeping republicans out of my bedroom and democrats out of my wallet. 

Okay I am just joking on the definition although  it seems quite fitting at times. But a true definition on behalf of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Definition of libertarian

  1. 1:  an advocate of the doctrine of free will


2a :  a person who upholds the principles of individual liberty especially of thought and action

2b capitalized :  a member of a political party advocating libertarian principles

So simply I advocate free will and individual liberty without government restraints. I am pro-choice, equal rights, cut spending, stop universal healthcare, free market, equal marriage laws, separation of church and state, no immigration bans, and so on.

I believe that each person should should share the same exact rights, and they should be in charge of their own bodies.  I believe in limiting the government, the right to bear arms, never sacrificing freedom for security, spreading love and not hate into the world.

This does not mean that I am advocating to force each church to perform same sex marriage, this does not mean that I am going to get an abortion if I have unprotected sex one night.  It simply means that just because I hold my own christian beliefs, that my personal beliefs should not affect any other person around me.  Another’s woman to use birth control and have an abortion is not my choice. I am not in her shoes. I do not know her story. I cannot tell her how to treat her body. IT IS NONE OF MY DAMN BUSINESS!

With that said if you ever read one of pieces or see a status and decide to email me or message me about spreading lies to legitimize democrats or calling me whatever name it seems appropriate to you, just remember I believe in equal rights and choices under the law, but that does not dictate what I would do personally with my own body. Everyone deserves the right to choose for themselves regardless if it is religious beliefs, abortion, owning a gun, marrying their significant other, and so forth.

Liberty and Freedom to all!

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