An Open letter to my “Accidental” Little

After reading so many open letters between Bigs and Littles that do not exactly match our relationship, I decided that you needed an open letter that helps define how significant you are in my life. Here is a letter  for you to remember things that you may forget along the way.  So without further or due:

To my dearest little,

We do not have the traditional beginning or there is not a cute story about how we knew that we were a perfect match, but I could not imagine calling  anyone else as my “accidental” little.  I will never be able to say that I had a Pinterest Board dedicated to you before even meeting you for the first time (Although I had one for you afterwards), I cannot say that I spent a week trying to convince you that I was not your Big., or I did not spend a week crafting my heart out for you.

Although we do not have these traditional Big/Little beginning, our relationship blossomed into the perfect Big/Little “love story”. We have confided in each other, supported one another, argue about the stupidest things, spend hours talking about nothing, dancing in a frat house until the next morning, dishing out secrets, laughing uncontrollably, and going on adventures.  No matter where life takes us I want you to remember that as your Big:

I promise that I am always a phone call or a text away.  Regardless if it is a life crisis or to ask advice on an outfit for an interview, you will always get an answer.  I promise to always be your biggest supporter.  I will encourage all those little mistakes that create lasting memories and cheer for you as you begin to take your first steps into adulthood.

I promise to give you wise words when in times of trouble, have a shoulder for you to cry on, and have an open ear for your rant sessions.  I promise to tell you when you are being ridiculous and agree with you when you dislike someone. I promise to allow you to make your own mistakes and be there the next day to talk about those mistakes.  I promise to push you pass your comfort zone, but also protect you when needed.

I promise that you will always have a second home where ever I am in the world, and a friend in me.  Simply I promise to be your Big and to love you eternally.

Love your Big ❤

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