Is Romance Overrated?

After being in and out of the dating scene within the past few months, I finally posed the question to my mom: Is romance overrated?”  My mom instantly laughed at me and told me that maybe I am dating the wrong type of guys.  Although my mom might be right about the type of guy I am dating, I was still not convinced that romance and the hearts and flowers are necessarily a way to love another.

When I initially posed the question, I thought of romance as a frivolous display of affection.  Romance was sending a dozen of roses, eating at expensive restaurants, good morning and good night texts, the guy buying outrageous yet beautiful gifts, couple pictures, and the whole gooey weird things that I never enjoyed.

So because research is my forte and my passion in life, I decided to research the word and meaning or romance.  After very little research, I discovered a bare bone minimalist definition.

ro-mance noun

  1. a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love
  2. a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life

This simplistic definition has shed some light on romance and the error in my words.  Romance as a whole is not overrated, but the definition of romance that has been sold to us by the big advertising companies and Hollywood is overrated.  This standard set has made teenage girls and young woman to view love and romance as something that is not always obtainable in real life. It has made people think that there is a perfect guy who will have certain attributes and will give you the world. The movie industry made romance into something more than in needs to be.

Simply romance has a different and unique meaning to each individual person. It can simply be holding hands in a long distance relationship. Watching a sporting event together.  Making the other person laugh uncontrollably.  It is that feeling of wanting to be together and enjoying life.  Romance is the most simple form is not overrated, but a perfect way to live life.

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