Stereotyping: Fraternity Edition

There has been a long period of time since I have recorded some of the crazy thoughts in my head.  One of my many pet peeves that I often rant about is stereotyping and placing people within a box.  I have taken a hiatus on writing on this issue, but of course another incident has went viral that calls my attention to the issue.

Over the past weekend, a guy attended a party at PSU.  While leaving a fraternity house on campus this individual encountered another person that claimed that he did not like people who are gay.  After this person stated this, the first individual preceded to tell this person that he was in fact gay.

Unfortunately the situation ended with that individual receiving a vicious beating by the other. Afterward he posted pictures on social media stating “Don’t let a Frat guy know you’re gay”.  As I read this tweet that has been Favorited and retweeted by thousands of individuals, chills ran down my spine.  My initial thought was that this was terrible situation and I felt sorry for this poor guy, but as I reread the tweet my feelings changed drastically.   He just indirectly called thousands of Greek members homophobic.  He allowed one terrible incident describe every person who decides to pledge a Greek organization.  He described men who decide to be in a fraternity homophobic jerks who could violently attack an individual due to their sexual orientation.

Many Greek affiliated individuals, myself included, understand that one individual actions should not represent the system as a whole, but unfortunately society does not always agree and Greek bashing has began. We also understand that this tweet will erase many good deeds that we have accomplished within our community.  Unfortunately this individual has placed our organizations into a box. He has stereotyped all of us and has made others on social media platforms view Greek life as a place the breeds homophobia.

So after a little investigation, I discovered the individual that assaulted this man, was in fact not affiliated with any fraternity, but rather independent.  This man who wrongfully accused a “Frat guy” has not apologized or corrected his words on his social media site.  There are so many individuals out there that took that tweet at face value and think negatively of Greek life when in fact there was an error in his statements to begin with.

Again I am deeply sadden that this man was attacked merely by his sexual orientation, but I am also disappointed that he has not seen the error in his ways and realize that he stereotyped this jerk as a Frat guy causing a stir in society for individuals that did not wrong him.  When will people realize that what is posted in social media can have a negative impact on people or groups of people. When are we going to break the stigma and stop stereotyping people. All Fraternity men are not homophobic, they are not taught to be homophobic or racist as a group. Like all groups of people in society they should not have a terrible stereotype follow them without good reason.

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