We all Deserve Equal Rights

One of greatest political passions would be the civil rights cause.  There is a fire and passion inside me that urges me to speak up and to push the motives of civil rights movement. As the Supreme Court decision over marriage equality, I have realized that many people do not fully understand the definition of civil rights and what the term implies.  There are been tons of backlash from different communities including (but not limited to) conservative Christians and many people of the black community. Before I continue I would love to share the definition of civil rights.

Civil rights:


the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality.

first used in 1658

Civil rights does not exclusively define a particular minority or person.  It is simply the rights guaranteed to citizens of a particular place.  Regardless of your religion, race, sexual orientation, or opinions, we as Americans should be celebrating the fact that as a country we move closer to the ideals of our foundation and freedom for our citizens.  At this point many people argue that they disagree due to the teachings of the bible. I understand that not everyone believes it is right for people who are the same sex should be with one another.  I completely understand this argument, but does this fact mean that just because someone does not share the same orientation as I do, they should not receive the same rights under the law.  It would be ashamed if Christians were executed or had limited rights due to their religious beliefs.  At the end of the day we need to rejoice that no matter who you are the law is the same.

On the other end, I am disappointed with members of the black community who actively support numerous efforts to gain rights for African Americans but are now spreading hateful messages about the Supreme Court decision.  This is probably the greatest disgrace.  Your fighting for rights of some not all.  You are becoming the bigots you preach and talk about.  You are just as bad as all of the people you are fighting against.

It all boils down to the fact that EVERYONE should enjoy the freedoms and rights under the law.  That is as simple as it comes.

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