College Bucket List

As I am finishing up my college career, I have made so many great memories, and have so much to show the world.  My first semester of college, I decided to make a bucket list to finish before I completed college.  Most things are quite simple.  Here is part of my bucket list, and I would encourage any person currently in college or on their way to college to create your own.

  1. Do a keg stand.
  2. Stay up all night with a friend without doing any homework
  3. Join a club or organization that is out of your comfort zone or you only have a slight interest in
  4. Do something reckless
  5. Take something unimportant from every Fraternity or Sorority house
  6. Do something bold and unexpected
  7. Do something crazy to your style/hair
  8. Grab onto any chance to travel
  9. Leave the country
  10. Go to a school hosted event/attend class intoxicated
  11. Drink an alcoholic beverage in an academic building
  12. Dance on a stripper pole
  13. Dance like no one is around in public
  14. Do something you will regret the next day
  15. Attend at least one event from each sport- show some school spirit
  16. Hit on someone that you feel is “out of your league”
  17. successfully day drink
  18. complete a full power hour
  19. Take a shot without gagging
  20. throw up from drinking
  21. Skip a full day of classes and give yourself a day of rest
  22. have a drink thrown at you
  23. Call out a professor and stand your ground on your opinion
  24. have a drink with someone who has instructed your class
  25. protest something you are passionate about
  26. tell someone other than your immediate family member you love them
  27. Ace a final exam
  28. Spend a weekend sober
  29. sleep outside
  30. drink wine and beer like a champ
  31. Make a playlist with all your favorite songs from freshman year through senior
  32. Study on the quad
  33. make a ridiculous bet
  34. steal a traffic sign
  35. Drink around a bonfire
  36. Road trip
  37. win a game of beer pong or flip cup
  38. take a piece of clothing of someone random (your choice to hook up with them or not)
  39. Stay at a bar until it closes
  40. talk to 15 random strangers at a party and actually get to know each person

I have successfully completed most of my bucket list and plan to finish it by the end of my college career.  There are about ten more on my list that I have excluded because they are specific to my college.  The point is to put things on the list that you would only dare to do. Push your limits and step outside of your comfort zone.  I would rather regret embarrassing myself rather than regret not being able to do something I could have done. This is the best time period in your life, create memories and friendships that will last a life time.  Have fun and create your own list of things to complete before you leave your college institution. Don’t live wishing you would have done all of those crazy things, actually go out and do them.

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