Hair Advice to Tame a Curly Mess.

Within my short time on this earth, I have learned so much about my hair especially naturally curly hair.  Because it has take me my entire existence to finally embrace my natural curls and to be able to wear them with pride I decided to share some tips to others that I wish I knew like five years ago.

One of the most important tips that I acquired from a hair dresser that I went to was how often to wash my hair.  My natural curly hair is prone to become frizzy and out of control easily.  The best tip to retain moisture within your hair and sculpt is for natural curls are to only wash your hair once a week.  I was accustomed to washing my hair every day to every other day.  This truly is a life savior.  This does not mean you cannot wet your hair every day.  I wet and condition my hair daily but only wash my hair once and at the most twice a week depending on the amount of products used.  Since switching to this method my hair grows so fast and my hair is not longer dry and brittle.

Many people swear by certain products.  My advice is that there is no perfect product or groups of products.  I switched products often and most products work decently within my hair.  I range between curl creams, mousse, lotions, oils, hair pudding, treatments, and leave-in conditioners.  Honestly most things work for me.  It all depends on the time of year and what type of day I am going to have.  It depends on the humidity, outdoor or indoor, sweating or not sweating.  My best advice is to experiment and find what works best.  Personally I go for more natural products.  I use many olive oil based products that are more organic.  Usually I prefer to put a dime size of organic olive oil mixed with a lotion or curl cream that is natural.  I am just obsessed with olive oil and argon oils.  Just caution to not use a lot at all.  Small bottles of oils last me over a year usually.  I throw them out and get new ones all the time.

The only time a brush or comb should ever touch your hair is during showering.  After you shower try to illuminate using a brush or comb.   I sometimes still use these them outside of the shower, but try to limit their usage.  I only use it if I am placing my hair in a style or placing it up for the day.

Form your curls around your finger or brush or other implement to gain the desire shape you want.  Believe me if you have natural curls it will stay that way.  I make my teeny tiny curls just slight bigger by twirling a few curls together.

This is some basic advice for those who are frustrated with their natural curly hair.  These are tips I wish I would have known years ago.  There are most likely other things that I have forgotten so I may update at a later time. The most important advice I can give is to embrace your natural hair because it will make life so much easier.

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