New Year, New Resolutions.

Every year about this time I make a few New Year resolutions that will help me become a better me for the year.  Each time I think I have the same goals that seem to never be accomplished.  Last year, I decided on one goal but I never quite accomplished what I wanted done.  This year is a time for change and time for me to focus on a new me.  This are goals that are both obtainable and improve overall health and well being.  Here is a list of my personal New Year’s Resolution, but is simple enough that anyone can start.  New Year is going to be the start of a new outlook on life.

  1. Each year, I have the goal to lose a certain amount of weight.  This year I am amending this goal.  Although weight loss is still a goal, I have changed my focus and drive.  During the last few months I have been working out and dropping a couple of pounds here and there.  My goal this year is to work out at least three day a week.  Not for the weight loss but because working out helps me stay alert and gives me a boost of energy that is always needed.
  2. Another goal is to write down daily one thing I am thankful for.  Positive thinking is key to success.  I am blessed to have amazing people and moments in my life, and it is time that I recognize the good in the world.
  3. Donate time and money to a charity that I feel strongly towards.  This is one to give back to the community and to become a better person.  By giving a part of my time and energy helps feel like I can affect others in the positive way in which others have impacted my life.
  4. Laugh at least once a day.  I am a firm believer in that laughter is the cure to almost anything. I often forget to do this often.
  5. Perform a random act of kindness on a daily basis.  Things as simply as opening the door for someone. Paying for someone’s lunch.  Some acts of kindness goes a long way.  Although I have done this in the past, it is a goal to do this on a daily basis.
  6. Give a genuine compliment daily, especially to those I may not know.  Spreading a positive outlook and being kind to people can only spread more positive in the world.  Being kind to those we do not hold dear is something we often overlook.
  7. On that note, Give myself a compliment daily.  It is time to stop self loathing and to embrace imperfections.  I may not like different aspects about myself, but I need to remind myself that I have good quality.
  8. Stop allowing others to define me.  This can range from society in general or from those people who seem to always put us down.  you can be whatever definition you want to be.
  9. Smile at strangers and often. I would love for everyone to try something.  When having a conversation with someone keep a straight face with the person for about five or ten minutes.  After that just smile as you are going through the conversation. Do not make it obnoxious, but you will realize almost every time the person will start to smile back.  For some psychological reason people tend to return a smile and it makes a person seem more open and more pleasant.
  10. My last resolution is to surround myself with people with qualities that I look up to, and to leave behind people who bring negativity into my life.  The people that you surround yourself with are the people that you become.  The people that you are with happens to reflect the type of person that you are.

Hopefully by keeping these resolutions in mind, it will help me to become a better and happier person. All of my goals are centered around keeping a positive outlook and becoming the best person that I can be.  Happy New Years! Hope everyone’s year is filled with great people and great memories that will last a life time.

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