25 Reasons being A Big is the Best.

Why becoming a Sorority Big can be the best part of Sorority life?

Being in a sorority has many perks such as leadership experience, tons of t-shits and hoodies, friends that will last a lifetime, finding your future bridesmaid, mixers, and in general sisterhood. One of the best parts of sisterhood is becoming a Big. A big-little relationship is unique and special bond that can never be described, but is simply amazing. Becoming a Big is a part of growing up and learning responsibility as well as sharing a bond that goes beyond the normal role of friendship.

Here are 25 reasons why being a Big is the best part of sorority life:

  1. Having someone that looks up to and you and always thinks that you are awesome.
  2. Someone to take to dinner when it seems you have no friends
  3. Someone that compliments your outfit or you on a daily basis
  4. She laughs at your ridicules jokes
  5. Always having someone to go out and party with
  6. Spoiling someone like they are you actual child
  7. Crafting really cool things for the person because they are awesome
  8. You will have someone that will always take your side
  9. Someone to sing in harmony with you during car rides
  10. having someone that you can be your absolute self with because she will love all your flaws
  11. Having someone to tell all your mistakes from last night
  12. The only person who knows all your dirty secrets
  13. Someone who will hopefully give you a fabulous G-little.
  14. Having someone to spread the knowledge and experiences gained through college
  15. Someone to talk to when it seems your world is coming to an end
  16. Having someone that believes in you no matter what.
  17. Having a future Brides maid.
  18. Someone to share a pint of Ben and Jerry’s because you cannot do that on your own.
  19. Someone who reminds you about the important parts in life
  20. Someone for you to take care of when they have had too much to drink
  21. Being able to share the sorority experience with.
  22. Someone who is your best friend that you will forever call you little one
  23. Your family away from home
  24. The person that reminds you to be spontaneous
  25. The person who brings down to earth when you need it, but also places you on the higher pedestal.

Being responsible for a new member and to call her little is a privilege that is not granted to everyone. It is a special connection that goes beyond the normal call of friendship. I could not imagine life without my little. I shall call her little and she shall be mine and she shall be my little!

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